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New Projects

Proceeds from the 2019 Odessa Healthcare Foundation's Annual Wine Tasting, Microbrew Sampling, and Auction will be used to purchase a 12-Lead ECG/Defibrillator/Monitor for the Odessa Ambulance.  The "Raise the Paddle" funds will purchase a specialized exam table for the Odessa Clinic.

The 12-Lead ECG/Defibrillator/Monitor for the Odessa Ambulance will help determine cardiac arrhythmias and heart attacks in the field. This will allow EMS to communicate critical information to the hospital  prior to arrival and to facilitate the fastest treatment. This monitor is compatible with the equipment in the Emergency Department at Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center, providing a quick transfer of care between EMS and the ER.


12 lead ECG/Defibrillator/Monitor

The high-low exam table offers more patient safety and comfort. The patient will simply sit down and no longer be forced to step up to get on an exam table. The height also allows for a level transfer from a standard wheelchair height. The additon of safety grab bars helps assist with stablility for the patient in a transfer. Once the patient is safely seated, the exam table can be raised and the back lowered as needed to be a full exam table.


High-Low Exam Table